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Pilots Praise Meridian TEB in ProPilot Magazine

In the Squawk Ident column of the November issue of Professional Pilot magazine, Meridian was recognized by a couple of loyal customers. We are thankful for this very positive public feedback, and we strive to achieve this level of satisfaction everyday for all of our customers.

Below is a verbatim reprint of this month’s Sqawk Ident question, and the two Meridian-related responses:
“Of all the FBOs you’ve ever visited anywhere in the world which do you consider the best? Why?”

“Meridian TEB is my overall winner. With over 19,200 hours logged in both Part 91 and Part 135 ops I’ve visited a lot of FBOs. Flying assignments have taken me to South America, Asia, Europe, Canada, and Alaska. And the prizewinning attitude at Meridian TEB is superior in my estimation. From techs to terminal personnel it’s easy to notice. This FBO provides a combination of the best service I’ve received anywhere in the world. And Betsy Wines is more than a top CSR-she’s a mind reader!”
Emil Bryant
ATP/CFII. Citation X

Chief Pilot
Best Friends Air
Kerrville, TX
“Meridian TEB is first with me. They provide outstanding service and the accommodations for the pilots are great. For us it makes the wait time more comfortable. Add to that the fast turnarounds, knowledgeable line techs and super CSRs and you have an FBO you want to go back to because you know you can depend on them. It’s as though they’re part of your team.”
Scott Reguin
ATP/CFII. Citation Excel/Bravo/650
Freedom Aviation
Bedford, VA
Thanks Emil and Scott for the kind words. We truly appreciate your business, and we are looking forward to many more years of welcoming you back to Meridian!

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