Meridian Celebrates Weight Loss Winners

Teterboro, NJ – On Friday, February 10, 2012, an awards luncheon was held at Meridian to recognize team and individual successes for the company’s first-ever weight loss challenge. About 40 employees participated in the event, which were then grouped into 7 teams. Each team was required to “weigh in” every two weeks, and then contribute one dollar towards the contest prizes which were awarded at the end of the four month event. The contest ended on February 7, 2012, after the last “weigh outs” were verified and logged by a nurse.

The challenge was a huge success for both the individuals who participated, as well as the company as a whole, with a combined total of 346 pounds lost! In the end, every participant benefited in some way, no matter how big or small the weight loss. Throughout the competition, teams had met to discuss and implement better eating habits, add or increase exercise to their daily routine, and find other ways live healthier lives. The health benefits accrued during the challenge included weight loss, lowered cholesterol levels, and reduced blood pressure – all factors contributing to a brighter future.

Meridian would like to congratulate the following participants:

1st Place Winner – Michelle Mandzy
2nd Place Winner – Arlene Baetiong
3rd Place Winner – Carlos “Tiny” Rodriguez

Team Award – “Number Crunchers”
    Steve Chandoha (Team Captain)
    Aida Libiran
    Ofelia Baetiong
    Nila Gonzales
    Michelle Mandzy
    Arlene Baetiong

Closest to Goal – Patti Perez

Honorable Mentions go to the following employees for making significant progress throughout the challenge: John Frangipani, Andrew Ladouceur, Tom Nielsen, Cisco Cabrera, and Per Karlsson.

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