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Meridian to Host New IS-BAO Course Offered by ARGUS

Meridian Air Charter is ARG/US Platinum Rated

Teterboro, NJ – On Wednesday, March 27, 2013, Meridian will be proudly hosting a new IS-BAO course offered by ARGUS International Inc. The one-day course, Advancing Through the 3 Stages of ISBAO, focuses on progressing the IS-BAO registered flight department from stage 1 to stage 3. ARGUS performs over 60 IS-BAO audits annually, and this course is designed to help operators qualify for Stages 2 and 3 of the certification process. The course will be held in the 3rd floor training room at Meridian’s headquarters, located at 485 Industrial Avenue in Teterboro, NJ.

IS-BAO is a code of best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve a high level of safety and professionalism. At the core of IS-BAO and the ARGUS Platinum standard, lies the requirement for a comprehensive and effective aviation safety management system. ARGUS International Inc. (ARGUS) is a specialized aviation services company with global expertise whose mission is to provide the aviation marketplace with the information needed to make informed decisions and manage risk.

For a full course description, click here.

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