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Meridian Participates in ‘Human Factors’ Training

John Rahilly, GJS instructor, teaches a Human Factors class at Meridian.
John Rahilly, GJS instructor, teaches a Human Factors class at Meridian.

Last week, all Meridian employees were required to participate in the first part of a two-day class called ‘Human Factors’. The objective of this course is to raise awareness of human error and to develop ways to prevent or reduce the occurrence and consequences of human error in aviation. The expansion of human factors awareness is the single most significant opportunity to make aviation both safer and more efficient. The course is taught by Global Jet Services (GJS), a leader in on-location training since 1992. GJS provides world class customer service while maintaining the highest degree of quality, flexibility, value, and safety.

Human Factors is a valuable course and it is highly recommended by the FAA and EASA. The course is also approved for Inspection Authorization (IA) and maintenance training. John Langschultz, VP Meridian Jet Center, has this to say, “Safety begins at the maintenance level, but it is ultimately the responsibility of everyone in the company. This course shows how human performance can affect aviation operations. Human errors account for 80% of aviation incidents, and this course teaches how we are all responsible for safety, and how we can improve safety and efficiency by understanding how external variables affect personnel.”

The second part of the course will be taught on-site at Meridian in August 2013.

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