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Meridian’s Nora Jacob Promoted to Customer Service Supervisor

Meridian Teterboro is pleased to announce the promotion of Nora Jacob to Customer Service Supervisor.

Nora Jacob, Customer Service Supervisor
Nora Jacob, Customer Service Supervisor

Meridian, the award-winning private aviation company based at Teterboro Airport, is pleased to announce the promotion of Nora Jacob to Customer Service Supervisor. Her primary responsibilities will be to oversee the work performance of the customer service team, collaborate with management to assure that the customer experience continues to meet or exceed expectations, and to assist our customers with their service requests in a professional and friendly manner consistent with Meridian values.
Nora started with Meridian in 2011 as a Customer Service Representative working at the front desk in the FBO lobby. In 2015, she expressed interest in a cross-functional assignment to expand her horizons, and was soon transferred into a newly created position called Customer Assurance with Meridian Air Charter. After several months in her new role, she realized that her true calling was Customer Service, and she returned to the front desk where she accepted more responsibility, including serving as an assistant to the FBO President and Vice-President.
Betsy Wines, VP of Customer Service and Human Resources, had this to say, “Nora was instrumental in creating a Customer Service training program that we use with our new hires. She is respected by her co-workers and they often turn to her for advice and mentoring. This promotion was a natural step for Nora in her role at the front desk.”
Please join Meridian in congratulating Nora on her promotion!