Meridian Presents Strong Showing at SDC2019

This past week, Meridian sent 8 associates to the 30th Annual National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference (SDC2019) in San Antonio, TX.

The 8 members of the Meridian SDC team pose for a photo.

This past week, Meridian took part in the 30th Annual National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference (SDC2019) in San Antonio, TX. We sent 8 associates from different departments and offices, including our Hayward FBO, to represent Meridian.  Bob Platten, who has been attending the conference since its inception said “the event gets bigger and better every year. I would have never imagined what this conference would become.”
This year not only marked the 30th anniversary but also the highest attendance in the event’s history, with nearly 3,000 attendees representing every US state and over 40 countries, this year’s event was an important milestone in the Business Aviation industry.
The conference offered a diverse catalog of professional development sessions, allowing for anyone in the industry to build and nurture their professional knowledge and increase their awareness of where Business Aviation is headed, most notably, the change in the Business Aviation workforce. Many courses focused on the influx of young professionals entering Business Aviation, and how the industry is changing to meet and take advantage of the latest technological trends.
“Think of each other as a resource and share ideas, listen to people who have a different point of view than you,” advised Day One Keynoter, Karen McCullough. “We have to be open to continuous learning and new opportunities.”
Furthermore, SDC2019 also put emphasis on its charitable contributions and scholarships. NBAA hosted student visits to the San Antonio Airport where they learned about various professions in the aviation industry, and to gain valuable insight into entering Business Aviation. In keeping with tradition, NBAA collected business attire throughout the event and donated to local charities to help those in need dress for interviews and new career opportunities.
This year’s SDC event was the largest in its 30-year history.

Overall, the event was a tremendous success. It provided an invaluable opportunity for us to learn and connect, and network with industry peers. We were pleased with the event’s exciting environment and the overwhelming amount of positive energy that surrounded it. Special thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by our booth and to those who made this event possible.
Meridian will be at the West Palm Beach Regional on February 6th. Be sure to stop by our booth!