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Meridian Aircraft Management spreadsheet
Aircraft Management

Meridian offers turnkey solutions that would allow aircraft owners to enjoy all the benefits of ownership without all the hassles or worries. We manage all aspects of the process: startup, maintenance record tracking, maintenance coordination, financial reporting, crew recruitment, charter sales, marketing, and flight operations. Our knowledgeable aircraft management team will ensure operations are conducted safely and securely. We even personalize the process by dedicating a senior Management Team member to act as your Owner-Advocate.

Customized Asset Management
We know that each client is unique. That’s why our Management Team will customize a program for each aircraft owner and tailor it to their specific needs. Whether you are looking to offset ownership costs through charter revenue, or you are supporting the needs of your own private flight department, Meridian can structure it the way you want it. Our Management Team will guide you through the process by arranging for certification, insurance, training, and maintenance. We will keep you informed of the latest regulatory requirements that may impact your aircraft, and offer you solutions to maximize the operational efficiency and value of the Meridian Management Program. 

Fleet Savings
Expenses such as fuel, aircraft insurance, maintenance and training are all significant costs for any aircraft owner. We currently manage over twenty jet aircraft, ranging from Very Light to Ultra Long Range. By leveraging our buying power and industry relationships, Meridian can save you money with the efficiencies of being part of a large and active fleet.

Flight Operations
Meridian’s flight support team is comprised of licensed dispatchers who are available 24/7. Meridian has successfully dispatched and flown trips all over the world, experience that makes a difference when it comes to getting you on your way without delay. As a client of Meridian, you will also have a dedicated owner-service team member who will work directly with you to coordinate your travel details and cater to your specific onboard requests.

Visit Us
If you’re considering an Aircraft Management company, we suggest you come to Meridian to see our operation first-hand. We think you’ll be impressed. Contact us to arrange a visit.