Meridian Recognizes Carlos Rodriguez for His Outstanding Work

Ken and Susan Forester with Carlos Rodriguez at Skywest Golf Course

Ken and Susan Forester with Carlos Rodriguez at SkyWest Golf Course

This past week a luncheon was organized by Ken and Susan Forester to recognize Carlos Rodriguez for his incredible work ethic as an employee. Carlos currently serves as Operations Manager for Meridian Hayward, our newest FBO in Northern California. As the Operations Manager in Hayward, Carlos is responsible for overseeing and managing the line and customer service staff, including daily operations, training, performance, employee relation issues, interviewing, scheduling, and attendance.

Mr. Rodriguez began his career at the company in 2002 when it was known as Million Air Teterboro. Through hard work and determination Carlos eventually became our Training & Safety Coordinator. In 2015, when Meridian had decided to expand its operations to Hayward, it needed a motivated leader to head its operations and get things off the ground. Because Carlos had excelled in his role as a Training & Safety Coordinator, and his interest in moving West, Meridian promoted him to Operations Manager.

While Carlos was excited to receive this honor, he wanted to make sure that the credit for his work and Meridian Hayward’s success was shared with his fellow employees. He humbly said, “Thank you to the entire Meridian staff for the continued support. I appreciate the recognition, but the credit must go to the staff and the rest of the Meridian Team. I wouldn’t be able to do it without the team. From Ken working the phones and being on call on the weekends during his stay out west, Susan running around taking care of our purchasing needs, Camacho and Ines coming out for support, to the staff here picking up extra shifts and training new employees. Steve and Betsy for their invaluable guidance.  It is a total group effort to make the operation seamless. It is truly my pleasure to work side by side with the most extraordinary team in the industry.”

We at Meridian are very proud of Carlos and his accomplishments!

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