Response to COVID-19

We know you may have concerns about flying during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we asked ourselves the question, “Would we be comfortable enough to put our own families, friends, or colleagues on our aircraft?” The answer to that question is a confident YES, and here’s why: Our top priority is the well-being of those we are fortunate enough to serve. We understand the importance of the trust people place in us, in addition to the vital role we play in providing the safest flight operations possible.

To that end, we have taken the following precautions at our FBO facilities and onboard our aircraft:

Flight Operations

  • Performing a trip-by-trip risk analysis regarding Coronavirus-affected areas.
  • Crew training on the recognition of sick passengers and how to handle passengers that show signs of sickness inflight. All aircraft have been equipped with masks, gloves and universal precaution kits.
  • Crews have been instructed to self-quarantine in hotels and to minimize exposure to others while on a trip.
  • Our in-house detailing team helps to protect travelers with a multi-layered approach for our charter aircraft.
    1. Upon a return trip, our detailing staff will decontaminate the aircraft by staging our UV Air Purification unit inside the cabin to run for two hours.
    2. We then go through the whole interior, wiping down and disinfecting all areas using our EPA registered disinfectant (Celeste Sani-cide EX3, EPA Reg. #42048-4) which is also an all-purpose cleaner. It is eco-friendly with no adverse effects on any interior surfaces.
    3. We finish off the interior detailing by utilizing our ULV Fog System Treatment using Celeste Sani-cide EX3 to completely fumigate the atmosphere inside the aircraft prior to locking it up for the next passengers to board.
    4. To go a step further, we use an anti-microbial barrier treatment (ClearCabin powered by PreventX) that has an efficacy of 90 days on all the high traffic touch points in the aircraft. This gives you long-lasting protection. When applied, this treatment arrests the growth of microorganisms and harmful bacteria. Once they come in contact with a treated surface, the cell walls are physically ruptured, thereby killing the microbes. This treatment is effective against many enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.
  • In the aircraft we fly, all air coming into the cabin is 100% fresh air. No recycled air is used.
  • Onboard our aircraft:
    1. Pilots remain in the cockpit apart from passengers while inflight.
    2. We have installed Universal Precautionary Compliance Kits - their use will help protect our crews and fellow passengers in the event a passenger becomes ill while inflight.
    3. We have partnered with MedAire, which can place us in touch with a trained, medical professional to advise the crew and passengers in any medical emergency or condition, including COVID-19.
    4. We have installed N95 masks, which can be given to a passenger exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19, to protect the crew and the rest of the passengers.
    5. As always, hand sanitizer is available.

Facilities and Employees

  • We instituted a rotation of teams that work from home and in the office to ensure that we are appropriately staffed at all times with healthy individuals to seamlessly provide the high level of service that our customers and guests have come to expect.
  • Our facilities are being routinely cleaned by our professional housekeeping staff and service teams. Additional rounds of cleaning and disinfecting procedures have also been added, particularly in high-touch public areas.
  • Employees are wearing face masks and gloves for handling luggage.
  • All employees and crew members have been provided guidance and are being reminded to follow best practices for personal hygiene as detailed by the CDC.
  • Hand sanitizers and tissues are available in our facilities and carried by employees.

We are continuously monitoring the fluid COVID-19/Coronavirus situation via the CDC, World Health Organization (WHO) and industry sources, and we are prepared to take any new actions deemed appropriate by those organizations.

We believe in safe and protected private travel, and we are proud to raise our level of protection to these new standards. The Meridian family appreciates your business and we value all of the unique relationships we have with those who touch our company. No matter what your relationship is with us, we are here to support you during this difficult time.

Ken Forester