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Aircraft Maintenance & Detailing

In 1946, Ken Forester, Sr. started his business at Teterboro Airport by getting his hands dirty. One of his first ventures was refurbishing ex-military C-47s for corporate use. So the business plan that evolved into today’s Meridian has its foundation in maintenance. The company’s long-standing dedication to maintenance has always been a vital part of Meridian’s mission.

The current maintenance operation at Teterboro is an FAA Part 145 certified repair station. It is also certified by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Honeywell has deemed Meridian an authorized TFE731 and -36 Series APU Service Center. Meridian Jet Center, as it is known, is now a Northeast Honeywell Avionics and Mechanical Parts Depot.

The fully equipped maintenance hangar has 40,000 sq. ft. under roof. The department is certified to work on Beechjets, Challengers, Citations, Falcons, Globals, Gulfstreams, Hawkers and Learjets. Available services include airframe inspection and repair, engine maintenance (minor and major), avionics repair and installation, Service Bulletin compliance, and troubleshooting.

Meridian Jet Center’s award-winning maintenance facility offers professional aircraft detailing services.

Meridian is pleased to offer our valued customers professional detailing services for their aircraft. We offer everything from quick-turn cleanups to extensive repair to cleaning and preservation of aircraft exteriors and interiors.

Our Detailing Team is expertly trained and highly skilled in the use of specialized cleaners, equipment, and other products used to deliver the best possible results, all with the goal of making your aircraft sparkle. Our technicians are solely dedicated to cleaning the aircraft, both interior and exterior.

We work closely with aircraft manufacturers and cleaning supply companies to ensure that the safest products are used for a thorough cleaning, providing maximum results. In fact, we only use manufacturer- and FAA- approved materials and methods. Detailing crews are available for both transient customers as well as our Teterboro-based Meridian fleet.

Interior Detail Cleaning

Quick Turn Detailing
  1. Wipe down & polish all wood/laminate surfaces
  2. Wipe down all leather/vinyl
  3. Clean & sanitize lavatory
  4. Vacuum & spray air freshener
Full Service Detailing
    1. Clean all instrument panels and screens
    2. Clean all windows and sun visors
    3. Vacuum all seats and floors
    4. Sanitize all oxygen masks
    1. Clean & sanitize ice bins, ovens, and catering drawers
    2. Clean & disinfect trash bins
    3. Clean coffee areas
    4. Wipe & polish wood/laminate surfaces
    5. Spot clean stains & vacuum rug
    1. Clean & polish service ledges and tables
    2. Clean & organize magazine racks
    3. Clean & polish all leather/vinyl
    4. Apply leather protector on leather/vinyl
    5. Wipe all windows, monitors, and seatbelts of fingerprints
    6. Spot clean stains & vacuum rug
    1. Sanitize lavatory area
    2. Clean & polish all wood/laminate surfaces
    3. Clean windows and mirrors
    4. Empty & clean trash dispenser
    1. Finishing up with a thorough cleaning of entrance steps and railings (if applicable)
Additional Interior Services
  1. Carpet Shampoo performed with a state-of-the-art carpet extractor unit, enabling all soils as well as shampoo to be extracted from carpeting. A high speed dryer is then implemented to quicken the drying process and prevent carpet shrinkage.
  2. Leather Cleaning and Conditioning applied using only FAA-approved products specified solely for leather treatment.
  3. Leather & Fabric Repair - Our detailing team works closely with leather and fabric specialists to create cost-effective solutions for repairing damages to leather or fabrics in aircraft interiors.

Exterior Detail Cleaning

Trip Ready Wipe Down
  1. Nose
  2. Windows
  3. Leading Edges
  4. Tail Cone
  5. Engines
  6. Landing Gear & Rims
Full Exterior Wet Wash
  1. Includes all of the Trip Ready Wipe Down services and all of the Full Exterior Wipe Down services plus:
  2. A specialty aircraft cleaner is utilized that conforms to Boeing D6-17487, Douglas CSD #1, AMS 1525B and AMS 155A regulations. It specializes in removing surface contamination, chemicals and dirt from the paint and is also non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-hazardous. We use nylex brushes that effectively clean hard but delicate finishes which assures a safe and efficient washing for your aircraft’s paint.
Full Exterior Wipe Down
  1. Includes all of the Trip Ready Wipe Down services, but is done with our detailing sprays using our scratch-free specialty micro fiber towels, plus the following areas:
  2. Main Fuselage
  3. Tail (Vertical & Horizontals)
  4. Full Underbelly
  5. Tops of wings
  6. Engine Pylons & Cells
Additional Exterior Services
    Brightwork Polishing Detail
    1. Revitalize Oxidized Paint - we provide different levels of drywashes, waxes and paint protection applications to suit your needs, ranging anywhere from light to heavy oxidation.
    2. Revitalize Oxidized Leading Edges - revitalize dull or oxidized aluminum, performed on leading edges of aircraft using a high-speed rotary buffer with looped wool pads. Different stages of metal polish are implemented during this function, depending on conditions of oxidation to provide a smooth, mirror-like shine.
    De-Icer Boot Treatment with Gloss Sealant
    1. Prep treatment used to deep-clean surfaces, remove previous cleaners and chemicals, and prepare boots.
    2. Gloss is applied to create a lustrous shine on the de-icer boots and cosmetically enhance them by coating their exterior surfaces.

Meridian’s in-house Parts Department is fully stocked and ensures that many commonly required parts are available on our shelves, saving days of down time when unscheduled replacements are needed for transient aircraft.

Meridian’s Maintenance Department is a member of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA) and was awarded the Teterboro PAMA Maintenance Department of the Year in 2012, and Maintenance Facility of the Year in 2013. To support ongoing education among maintenance operators and technicians, the department hosts continuing education and training classes throughout the year.