General Maintenance

MeridianTeterboro/ Jet Center adds two new aircraft to their Repair Ops Spec.

Meridian's 40,000sq ft Hangar/ Repair station at Teterboro Airport

The Meridian ( Teterboro) Jet Center maintenance department has recently added the Bombardier Challenger 300 and the Cessna Citation Mustang to their Repair Station Operations Specifications.  This is in addition to the CL600 thru CL604.

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ServiceElements Workshop at Meridian Teterboro

From August 30th thru September 2, 2010,  Meridian employees will be working with ServiceElements,  an Arizona based service training company that focuses on Aviation workshops.  The theme of the workshops will be “Building a Service Culture” which is based off of a book published by Mario Martinez and Bob Hobbi, both of ServiceElements.    “The purpose of inviting ServiceElements to work with our staff, is so that we can hone our customer service skills”  said Betsy Wines, VP of Customer Service and Human Resources. “We know that our people and facility have been recognized nationally in the Professional Pilot Prase Survey,  AIN FBO Survey, and Pilots Choice survey, but we always feel we can do better.”   This will be the fifth time that Meridian has worked with ServiceElements.

Executive Terminal (FBO) General

Meridian Teterboro Ramp Paving providing best facility for customers

Meridian Teterboro continues to make improvements for valued clients.- Paving the ramp of the best private aviation / executive terminal facility at  Teterboro is a huge undertaking but meridian Teterboro is working to provide superior conditions for customers. Meridian expanded the ramp space in 2008 to support the high volume of aircraft.
The 5 week project will be completed mid September.

General Private Air Charter

Meridian Air Charter Earns Stage One and Is ISBAO Compliant !

Meridian AIr Charter Headquartered in Teterboro NJ has earned Stage one of ISBAO – Compliant status

General Private Air Charter

Meridian Air Charter is Air Charter Safety Foundation Certified Meridian Air Charter Added To IAS Registry

We are pleased to announce that Meridian Air Charter is now an ACSF audit-registered operator. To view your listing, go the following link:



PRESS RELEASE: Meridian Air Charter Added To IAS Registry 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                 FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:
  Alison McHugh
  Manager, Safety Programs 





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Through research, collaboration and education, the Air Charter Safety Foundation advances charter and shared aircraft ownership industry standards and best practices; promulgates safety, security and service benchmarks; and promotes the universal acceptance of safety management systems. 


Alexandria, VA, June 23, 2010 — The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) is pleased to announce the addition of Meridian Air Charter of Teterboro, NJ, to the IAS Registry. Meridian Air Charter is the 12th operator to have completed the IAS audit and achieved Registered status with the ACSF.


“The ACSF registration complements our continued achievements in the safety community,” said Tim Burke, director of operations, Meridian Air Charter. The company joins an elite group of industry leaders that are committed to quality and safety and are part of this new proactive standard aimed at being the single audit standard for Part 135 and 91K operators.


The ACSF audit program evaluates operators every 24 months, and consists of a rigorous review of an operator’s processes, procedures, and regulatory compliance, as well as of the operator’s implementation of and adherence to an SMS. The IAS continues to grow, with 28 operators currently scheduled to go through the audit program this year and 15 of those already completing the on-site portion of the audit.





General Maintenance

Maintenance Training at Meridian Jet Center Teterboro NJ

Meridian Jet Center will be hosting two training classes this spring.
Course:  Beechjet 400/400XP Line maintenance class.
Date : April 19 – 23, 2010
Course time: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
Location: Meridian Jet Center / Teterboro, N.J.  201-288-3880
Instructor: Randy Jakoubek
For additional information on cost of the training class and seat availability contact:
Global Jet Services, Inc.
Michelle L Johnson
Course: TAY Engine Maintenance Update
Date: May 25,  2010
Course time: 8:00 am- 4:30 pm
Location:  Meridian Jet Center / Teterboro, N.J.  201-288-3880
This class will be free of charge and lunch will be provided.
Both classes will qualify for I.A. renewal.

General Maintenance

Meridian Jet Center is now performing additional in-depth work on G IV aircraft.

Meridian Jet Center is now performing additional in-depth work on G IV aircraft.

We have now completed ASC469 Water Line Ribbon Heater Upgrade.

This service change replaces all existing water line ribbon heater installations

above and below the floor with Adel Wiggins heaters.  All ribbon heater

installations below the floor will have new insulation installed.  The new

insulation and improved ribbon heaters are more durable and provide improved

reliability and resistance to freezing during extended and high altitude flights.

In most cases the galley is removed to gain access to the ribbon heaters.


Meridian Jet Center is also performing G IV Lower Wing Trailing Edge-

Zonal Inspection. 


If your Gulfstream will be needing this maintenance or any other inspection

work please contact John Langschultz at 201-288-3880 for a price quote.



Executive Terminal (FBO) Private Air Charter

Meridian Air Charter Gulfstream IV refurbished interior

Meridian air charter is proud to annouce the newly refurbished leather and  new carpet of their Teterboro Based Gulfstream IV.

Executive Terminal (FBO) General


In the latest bid to remain the CAA’s preferred vendor in Teterboro, Meridian broke the record by receiving the vote of 204 regular CAA members.   In a thank you letter to the CAA members, Betsy Wines, Vice President of Customer Service  wrote “I can not express how amazed I was at the huge number of votes we received and how humbled I am by your belief in us.    We will continue to work our hardest to earn the privilege of being Teterboro’s CAA vendor.  The friends we have made through the CAA is a testament to the wonderful flight departments that are the CAA members. 



General Private Air Charter

Meridian Air Charter routinely flies into Venezuela

Meridian Air Charter based at Teterboro, NJ routinely flies into Venezuela. Thanks to Meridian’s great contacts inside Venezuela, the company has recently conducted several charter flights to Venezuela on short notice.  Typically speaking, it could take weeks to obtain the necessary permits to operate a charter flight into Venezuela.