Meridian Teterboro Voted Among Best FBOs in 2019

A ramp view of Meridian’s terminal and hangar at Teterboro Airport (KTEB)

Meridian, the award-winning private aviation company, is pleased to announce that it has been recognized as one of the nation’s best FBOs by two of the leading industry surveys for 2019. The company’s Fixed Base Operator (FBO) in Teterboro was voted in the top 5% of all US FBOs, as well as the #1 FBO in the Northeast, by readers of Aviation International News (AIN) in its annual FBO survey. Readers of Professional Pilot (ProPilot) also voted Meridian Teterboro among the best FBOs in this year’s annual PRASE Survey.
In addition to ranking the FBOs, both surveys also measure individual performance. Meridian is proud to say that both Betsy Wines and Victor Seda continue to be recognized for their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. AIN voters distinguished Betsy Wines for routinely going “Above & Beyond”, while the ProPilot survey acknowledged both customer service representatives for their efforts. Wines ranked #2 and Seda ranked #4 in the Best CSR category, and 2019 marks the 13th year in a row that the two colleagues have been voted together in the top of the category.
The Meridian Teterboro Customer Service Team

“It’s gratifying to know that our efforts are appreciated,” said Ken Forester, Meridian’s CEO. “We know customers have options when flying into Teterboro, and I am proud of Betsy and Victor and the entire team who make every pilot and passenger feel welcomed. Our customers enjoy coming to Meridian because of the personal commitment we make to each customer and to each other.”
The 2019 AIN FBO Survey results were released on April 1, and the results of the Professional Pilot PRASE Survey were released on April 29. Meridian was again named the highest ranking FBO at Teterboro Airport in both surveys.
“These industry surveys are well-respected. The entire Meridian TEB team is honored to be recognized for our exceptional service,” Forester added. “We sincerely thank our customers for their support and confidence in us.”
The Meridian Teterboro Line Service Team

Executive Terminal (FBO) General

Meridian Ranks Among Nation’s Best in 2014 AIN FBO Survey

This week, Aviation International News (AIN) released the results of its annual FBO Survey. Once again, Meridian Teterboro has ranked among the best FBOs in the nation.

The results are currently available online at The article will also be published in the April issue of AIN.

Some of the highlights include:

• Meridian Teterboro received a 9.0 score, which placed it in the Top 20% category and 17th overall
• Meridian CRSs received a 9.4 score and ranked 10th in the country
• Meridian Teterboro was the highest ranking FBO at TEB
• No other TEB FBO ranked in the Top 30%
• Meridian Teterboro received the highest number of evaluations received by one FBO (195)
• Teterboro Airport was ranked the #1 busiest airport for Bizav, based on number of responses (571)
• Betsy and Victor were among a short list of 13 CSRs included in the ‘Above & Beyond’ survey
• We were the only FBO in ‘Above & Beyond’ with 2 CSRs in the group and the only representative from TEB
• Betsy Wines, Victor Seda, Anthony Banome, Saqiba Parveen, Sarah Campbell, and John Baldino all received individual mentions from pilots

If you go to the interactive map on the AIN website, you can see even more details from the survey. Search for Top Rated FBOs/Top 20/show results/list view/and click on Meridian to see the ‘FBO User Comments’, and the ‘Above and Beyond’ comments.

Congratulations to the entire FBO Team!