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PlaneSense and Its All-New Pilatus PC-24 Touchdown at Meridian Teterboro

Among those onboard the PC-24's maiden voyage was (l to r): George Antoniadis, President and CEO of PlaneSense, Dave Verani, VP of Sales and Marketing, and the plane’s two pilots, Jim Georgelis and TJ Schipano.
Among those onboard the PC-24’s maiden voyage were (l to r): George Antoniadis, President and CEO of PlaneSense, Dave Verani, VP of Sales and Marketing, and the plane’s two pilots, Jim Georgelis and TJ Schipano.

This week, Meridian was honored to host PlaneSense and its brand-new, swiss-crafted, Pilatus PC-24 Jet, the first of six that PlaneSense plans to add to its fleet over the next two years. The twin-engine, eight passenger jet touched down at Meridian Teterboro on the morning of March 14th as part of PlaneSense’s efforts to complete operational capabilities in airports that fractional share holders have expressed an interest in, or that are already serviced by the company’s fleet of PC-12 turboprops and Nextant 400XTi jets. Among those onboard were George Antoniadis, President and CEO of PlaneSense, Dave Verani, VP of Sales and Marketing, and the plane’s two pilots, Jim Georgelis and TJ Schipano.
The PC-24 is described by Pilatus as, “the only aircraft combining the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium-light jet, and the performance of a light jet”. Many in the industry believe that the jet doesn’t fit into existing categories, so they created a new one: Super Versatile Jet (SVJ). In addition to being “off-road” compatible, the jet has outstanding short-field performance, even on unpaved runways! This offers the aircraft a vast amount of mobility, over 20,000 runways to be exact. Passengers will now be able to fly closer to their final destination like never before with the use of smaller airports. Furthermore, they will be able to avoid tedious administrative procedures at larger airports and reduce their ground transfer times to a minimum.
Aside from the aircraft’s performance, the PC-24 features a unique interior designed for comfort and functionality. Pilatus ensures its passengers that only the finest-quality materials were used to create its interior. Soft-leathers and rare hardwood cabinetry are just some of the features you can expect to find within the exquisite aircraft. As if this wasn’t enough, the PC-24 has a generous amount of cabin space for a medium-light jet allowing exceptional headroom for its passengers and crew.
We would like to thank PlaneSense for choosing Meridian when bringing their fleet to Teterboro. PlaneSense is a leading national and international provider of fractional aircraft ownership and private flight. We value them as a customer and truly appreciate their business. We look forward to seeing this beautiful PC-24 more often at both our Teterboro and Hayward FBOs.
For more information on PlaneSense and its new PC-24, visit their website at,

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Meridian Air Charter’s Francisco Cabrera Earns FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License

Francisco Cabrera, Aircraft Dispatcher at Meridian Air Charter
Francisco Cabrera, Aircraft Dispatcher at Meridian Air Charter

Meridian, the award-winning private aviation company based at Teterboro Airport, is pleased to announce that Francisco Cabrera (a.k.a. ‘Cisco’) recently earned his FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License. The Aircraft Dispatcher is responsible for authorizing and overseeing the operation of a flight from before takeoff to after landing. Often referred to as “The Pilot on the Ground”, the Dispatcher prepares flight plans, taking into account important factors such as weather conditions, fuel requirements, and potential hazards, with knowledge of aircraft limitations and FAA regulations, to ensure the safe completion of each flight.
The certification means that Mr. Cabrera can now assume full scheduling and dispatch responsibilities in the Flight Operations department at Meridian Air Charter. He completed the program on April 4, 2016 at the FlightSafety International facility located at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. The program at FlightSafety is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) -approved course, which fully prepares participants for the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certification (Licensing) Exams. The initial course exceeds FAA regulations by providing 24 hours over the required 200 hours of instruction.
In 2005, Mr. Cabrera began his aviation career working in the Line Service department at Meridian Teterboro, the company’s Fixed Base Operation (FBO). After ten years of experience and proving himself on the ramp, he expressed interest in broadening his skills to other areas of aviation, particularly flight operations. In October 2015, a Flight Coordinator position became available in the Charter group, and this was the opportunity that he had been waiting for. He interviewed for the position and was offered the job. After accepting the offer, he eventually transitioned over from the FBO to Charter into his current role as an Aircraft Dispatcher.
We are proud of Cisco for completing this challenging program. Congratulations from all of your colleagues at Meridian!

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Meridian Jet Center Hosts Wiring Class

Teterboro, NJ – During the week of April 16-20, 2012, Meridian Jet Center hosted a 5-day class entitled “Practical Aircraft Wiring for Line Maintenance” at its facility at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. The class was taught by David Hyland of Global Jet Services, based near Hartford, CT.

Practical Aircraft Wiring is a hands-on course that is highly recommended for all A&P and Avionics Technicians. The course is built with the understanding that repairing wiring is often harder than installing it in a new aircraft, and inspecting wiring is a critical function for aircraft safety.

The material covered different types of electrical wires and cables, including: cutting, stripping, crimping, soldering, splicing, and fabrication, as well as installation particulars like segregation, tying, tiewrapping and chafing problems. Discussions included recent incidents, causes, and prevention with particular attention to inspection of existing wiring.

John Langschultz, VP Meridian Jet Center, had this to say, “Global Jet Services is a leading provider in aviation maintenance training, and we are proud to partner with them, and to host this informative class at our location”.

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Meridian Teterboro Ramp Paving providing best facility for customers

Meridian Teterboro continues to make improvements for valued clients.- Paving the ramp of the best private aviation / executive terminal facility at  Teterboro is a huge undertaking but meridian Teterboro is working to provide superior conditions for customers. Meridian expanded the ramp space in 2008 to support the high volume of aircraft.
The 5 week project will be completed mid September.

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Meridian Air Charter/Visa Card Holder Promotional Partnership.

Meridian Air Charter  in partnership with Visa is proud to announce a 10% promotional discount on your next charter flight for customers paying with their VISA BUSINESS cards and a promotional discount of 10%  off  your next charter flight PLUS an exclusive aircraft upgrade eligibility for VISA INFINITE card holders.  Meridian’s services include: Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Management & FBO’s services. Established in 1946,  Meridian Teterboro is an industry leader with an impeccable safety & customer satisfaction record.

Meridian Air Charter exclusive offer for Visa Business and Infinite card holders
Meridian Air Charter exclusive offer for Visa Business and Infinite card holders

THe VISA Promotional code is # is 135410 and offered  thru Dec 2010

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Meridian Air Charter Adds Greensboro North Carolina Based Challenger 601 3A/ER

Meridian's new Greensboro, NC Charter fleet addition-

Meridian Air Charter Adds Greensboro, NC Based Challenger 601 3A – ER to Fleet of Charter Aircraft






 TETERBORO, NJ, November 2, 2009Meridian Air Charter, a private aviation services company, expanded their charter fleet aircraft with recent addition of a Challenger 601 3A- ER – extended range aircraft.  The Challenger 601 3A- ER is large sized jet of comfort and productivity.  The aircraft is based in Greensboro NC (GSO) and is available for charter.

 “The Mid Atlantic region is an under supported charter market for quality cabin class jets;  a charter friendly Challenger 601 based in Greensboro, NC should be a great success for us,” said Director of Charter Sales and Client Services, Andrew Ladouceur.  “We are working with the owner on reduced position fees to make the plane very competitive in this charter market.”The Challenger 601 3A/ER is a cost efficient extended range business aircraft that offers great value and comfort and is aesthetically pleasing. The white exterior is accented with garnet, cobalt and navy striping. The welcoming cabin is furnished with smooth leather and soft fabric textures. The colors boast stately and nautical tones combining deep slate blue, brilliant white and foggy grey and a sandy toned carpet that softens the palette. Golden oak woodwork with inlay design is a natural, crisp compliment to the cabin’s décor.  Travel with ease with the Challenger’s berthable seats and private lavatory with sink.  The aircraft comfortably accommodates nine passengers and is equipped with a full galley. Travel time may be spent productively or relaxingly while lounging in the plush leather seats to view the flight via Airshow® or enjoy the DVD-CD player entertainment system in the main cabin.

Meridian is a full-service private aviation services, company headquartered in Teterboro, New Jersey for over 60 years. Still privately owned and operated since 1946, Meridian’s accumulated expertise offers a complete suite of professional aviation services: Meridian Teterboro-FBO Services

Meridian Jet Center-FAA authorized repair station

  • Meridian Air Charter
  • Meridian Aircraft Management
  • Meridian Jet Center Detailing

For more information on this or any other Jet in our fleet, visit, or call one of our travel professionals, 24 hours a day, at 1-800-882-2333



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Meridian Air Charter Passes recurrent Wyvern Audit

As per charterx weekly news  (8/17-21 /09)

Meridian Air Charter passes recurrent Wyvern audit

Recently, aviation safety giant Wyvern Consulting, Ltd. performed a recurrent on-site charter audit of General Aviation Flying Service, Inc. dba Meridian Air Charter (certificate IMJA053F) FAR 135 operations. Meridian, located at Teterboro Airport (KTEB) in Teterboro, New Jersey, currently has 14 aircraft listed on its most recent D085, dated July 14, 2009. Also a CharterX Professional member, Meridian has provided the New York metropolitan area with a high-quality selection of private jets and aircraft charter since 1946.

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Meridian- A Fine Line, Camp’s Insight Magazine Feature Article

Meridian – A Fine Line

By K.White, CAMP InSight, July 2009



Among the many important navigational resources of the world is the prime meridian. This imaginary line of longitude travels from the North to South Pole connecting all locations running along it. Prior to its establishment, the location of zero degrees was a matter of discretion – in fact, as many as fourteen different locations were being identified as zero degrees longitude on various pre-ninetieth century maps. For instance, there existed the Paris Meridian and the Washington, D.C. Meridian, as well as the Madrid, Brussels, Pisa, Stockholm, Mecca, and Great Pyramid of Giza meridians, plus more. Greenwich alone had four meridians.


It wasn’t until twenty-five nations joined together at the International Meridian Conference of 1884 that this ambiguous beast was tamed. The “line” through Greenwich, England – passing through the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in east London, United Kingdom – was named the single zero degrees reference point, making navigation, communication, and “connecting” cohesive.


Meridian is no stranger to making a connection. As a family owned and operated, full-service aviation business Meridian knows the importance of connecting with people, as well as with destinations. Ken Forester, Jr., CEO, shared, “We are proud of our longevity and the fact that we are a family business that has been serving Teterboro [Teterboro Airport (TEB), Teterboro, New Jersey] for 63 years. We’re rewarded by the relationships we have with our customers, and we’re certainly proud of our employees. Together they are the key to the whole business.”


Meridian’s mission is: To be the full-service, Teterboro headquartered, private aviation services company that consistently delivers a truly extraordinary experience leaving our customers feeling welcomed, well cared for, and confident that they made a smart choice.


Just how is this accomplished? What achievements represent this mission? The answer? It boils down to a sincere effort, unparalleled dedication to the industry and to people, and an extensive set of capabilities. With grace, patience, and diligence, Meridian has positioned itself as “the line by which all others are measured.”



Meridian is distinguished as being “the longest continuously operating aviation services company in the New York Metropolitan area.” Meridian’s roots originate with founder Ken Forester, Sr. Forester’s aviation career began in 1941 at the age of eighteen when he earned his civilian pilot’s license. The following year he joined the U.S. Army Air corps (USAAF) and served as a test pilot from 1944 to 1946. While in the military, Forester flew most of America’s WWII fighter, bomber, and transport aircraft including the P-59 Aircomet (the U.S.’s first jet) and the P-80 Shooting Star (the first fighter jet used operationally by the USAAF).


In 1946, shortly after he was discharged, Forester began converting military transport aircraft for executive operation. He founded Mallard Air Service at Teterboro Airport. He went on to create General Aviation Company, which opened its doors for operation in 1958. General Aviation has since evolved to become the full-service Meridian Aviation Company of today.


In 2008, Forester was inducted to the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame in recognition of his hard work and unwavering contribution to aviation at Teterboro Airport.  In January 2002, he was awarded the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic award. The FAA’s “Master Mechanic” award recognizes aviation maintenance professionals who have at least 50 years experience in the aviation maintenance industry. Forester obtained his aviation mechanic’s license during the last year of his USAAF enlistment.



Today, Meridian’s accumulated expertise is concentrated into four business units: Meridian Teterboro (FBO), Meridian Air Charter, Meridian Jet Center, and Meridian Aircraft Management. Operating to the highest of standards, Meridian focuses on private aircraft charter, management, maintenance, detailing, executive terminal services, and exquisite customer service. Meridian is ARG/US Gold Plus rated and maintains a perfect safety record. Be it charter, management, maintenance or business practice, Meridian is a class act.


Charter Meridian Air Charter is as exclusive as it is luxurious, appealing to the private traveler’s palette with aircraft that suits his/her speed, level of privacy, desire for amenities, and cost requirements. Meridian Charter knows no boundary. It has the capability to travel to any destination worldwide.


Its fleet is diverse and composed of the finest aircraft available. The following aircraft are operated by Meridian Charter under Air Carrier Certificate #IMJA053F:  Citations (Excel, Excel XLS), Hawker 800’s (XP, SP), Falcons (2000/2000 EX, 900’s), Gulfstreams (IV’s, IV SP’s), a Challenger 601, and a Global.


Additional aircraft available to Meridian Charter, operated by FAR Part 135 Carriers, include Learjets (31/35 and 45, 55C, 60), Citations (CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, Bravo, III, V, VII, X), Hawkers (400XP, 700, 1000), Westwind II, Gulfstreams (G100, 200, 400, 500/550, II, III, V), Falcons (20F, 200, 50/50EX), Challenger (300, 601-3R, 604), a Premier 1, Global Express, Boeing BBJ, and an Embraer Legacy.         


In addition to its Teterboro headquarters, Meridian has aircraft based throughout the country including in the states of Colorado and New York.


The charter services include, but not limited to, immediate price quotes by phone or internet, an online live chat option, flight crews that have been carefully chosen and trained recurrently in full motion simulators, and an attentive, skilled staff available 24 hours a day to help clients plan. Meridian believes that chartering aircraft should be convenient, time saving, and cost efficient.


Management Meridian’s management services are tailored to owners with the intent of simplifying ownership and promoting partnership. In all that it does, Meridian aims to create long lasting, honest relationships with its clientele. From flight standards to flight operations, maintenance management to air charter management or financial control/reporting, Meridian Aircraft Management exceeds expectation and offers an effective, cost-efficient means to operate by.


Maintenance Meridian Jet Center provides round-the-clock service – 24/7/365! Here again, staff is top-notch, well trained, and professional. In fact, Meridian’s maintenance staff has earned the FAA Diamond Award for delivering unparalleled service. It is the maintenance team’s mission to keep the aircraft “out of the hangar, on budget, and ready for dispatch.” Safety goes without saying.


This FAA-Approved full-service repair station (certificate #IMJR053F) is a Honeywell authorized line service center, Honeywell parts and exchange depot, and Bombardier warranty work center. It is certified to handle Learjets, Citations, Falcons, Challengers, Beechjets, and Gulfstreams. Furthermore, repairs on other aircraft are available upon request. Meridian Jet Center also stocks thousands of parts. From common replacements to hard-to-find parts, Meridian has it. From airframe inspection and repair to troubleshooting, Meridian does it. From avionic repair and installation to service bulletin compliance and everything in between, Meridian is skilled at it.


The maintenance staff is also skilled in the CAMP application. As the former D.O.M., Dennis O’Connell, President and GIV pilot, affirmed that CAMP lends to Meridian’s capabilities. “CAMP is an excellent tool. I know that our maintenance group is very happy with it.” He shared his satisfaction with the reporting aspects of the application and noted that “the interactive nature of the technology is great” as is the accessibility from anywhere, at anytime. O’Connell expressed complete confidence in CAMP’s product and abilities as a service provider.


Detailing Meridian Jet Center also provides a detailing service run by highly trained and certified personnel whose sole responsibility is aircraft detailing. Using only the best products available, the detailing crew meticulously attends to the Meridian fleet and extends their talents to aircraft outside the fleet.


Executive terminal services In 2006, Meridian opened the doors to its new FBO and hangar at Teterboro. The facilities – spacious, plush, and inviting – ushered in “a new chapter” for the organization, “aligning services, experience and passion for superior private aviation under one roof.” The 30,000 square foot executive terminal is state-of-the-art, with details catering to both passenger and pilot to be had in every square inch.

With wireless internet access, an executive lounge, conference rooms, convenient transportation options, and more, passenger amenities have been carefully considered. Pilots will find their needs met with complimentary crew cars, pilots’ lounge, large-screen theater, a sleep room, showers, a gym, a flight planning room, and more.


Still, the greatest asset to be found at the terminal is Meridian’s warm, friendly staff ready to greet and assist all those passing by.



Shaped and educated by its longevity, Forester suggested that perhaps the secret to success over the years simply dwells in everyday life lessons – be honest, be trustworthy, be personable, promote integrity, and do unto others. “We are a small industry and reputation is absolutely critical. You have to be honest and you have to be a good neighbor. Our clients trust us to do what’s right, to train our staff properly, to use sound equipment, and bill them fairly. This is the basis upon which we’ve grown. Ours is a word-of-mouth business; integrity is critical.”


Meridian has also been an attentive student in its life lessons, taking notes from history on the successes and failures of others in the industry. “We’ve certainly learned a lot by watching what’s happening in the industry, and from our own experiences too,” said Forester.


Whether self-taught or by observation, Meridian has come to abide by an open door policy where management is easily accessible to both staff and clients alike. “One of the most appealing points about Meridian is that you can get in touch with any manager in the company. Clients have direct access to anybody from the top down. The door is always open here,” said O’Connell.


Furthermore, he confidently described the organization as being full of “good listeners” and having “strong internal company communications.” Both very fine attributes, and “a big help” said O’Connell, when operating a multi-faceted, intricate organization such as Meridian.


Meridian’s growth through the years has been based on the belief that slow and steady wins the race. A gradual, natural progression is the answer. “Our overall philosophy is not to get ahead of ourselves,” stated O’Connell. O’Connell has had the pleasure of working his way up through the company, gaining valuable knowledge of every facet of the organization along the way, and observing first hand the advantages of natural growth in this family establishment.


Forester is confident that Meridian will continue to flourish, that there is plenty of room for growth. However, he affirmed that the company has no desire to grow faster than its team can keep up with the customer service. In fact, Meridian is renown for its ability to provide its clientele with exceptional service. Meridian holds two top-ten positions on the ProPilot “Best Customer Service Representative” survey. Additionally, Meridian Teterboro was voted #14 FBO overall on the survey, a climb of six positions above the previous year.


Meridian is exceptionally proud to acknowledge Victor Seda and Betsy Wines. Seda, Customer Service Manager, made the list for the second year in a row, presently holding spot #7. Wines, VP of Human Resources and Customer Service, has held the #1 position on the survey since 1996. Wines began her career at Meridian in 1985. Forester described her as being “a wonderful person and a great employee.” O’Connell shared, “She has a wealth of knowledge, she’s great with our clients, great with the employees. She is a very consistent person.”


An undeniable factor contributing to the success of Meridian is the involvement of the company’s owners – phenomenal, proactive, and personal. Maureen Maloney, Marketing Manager, simply explained, “Ken, our CEO, is an amazing leader and owner.”  O’Connell said, “The feeling of family flows throughout the whole company. This is a great family to work for.”


Forester, Sr., at age 87, still pokes his head into the office. “He’s not the retiring type,” described Forester of his father. The elder Forester’s presence brings, without question, a great sense of pride and pleasure to the employees of Meridian. Both O’Connell and Maloney made point to acknowledge him, as did his son. He is clearly a positive influence, a dynamic presence, and instrumental to this spirit of this organization.


Among its four divisions, Meridian has nearly 200 employees – a great many have been with the company for numerous years. It seems that job seekers tend to find a home at Meridian (true for customers as well). At Meridian, people are treated with respect. Employees are able to develop and grow their talents and are given the opportunity to advance their careers. Many a team member has begun at the bottom of the ladder and climbed industriously through the ranks. O’Connell explained, “We empower our employees to make decisions. And they are responsible for their actions.”


Forester notes the company’s culture as being another reason why growth is important to the organization. “We want to grow new opportunities for our people so that they have options and can improve their professional experience.”


On the Horizon

As for the future, Forester shared that the company is always open to prospect. While Teterboro has always been the operation’s focal point, Forester said that he would consider “expanding the business [FBO and maintenance] to other geographic locations if an opportunity presented itself.” In the meantime, business is plentiful in Teterboro according to Forester.



To learn more about Meridian, visit

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Meridian Notices an Increase in Aircraft Management Activity

In the last several months Meridian has seen a large increase in the amount of aircraft owners seeking new management.  This increased activity will certainly translate to revenue on the management side.  With the private jet charter business in a slowdown, more and more aircraft owners are unhappy with the results they’re getting from their current aircraft management company.  This has many owners thinking change….and change is in the air.  Meridian is a solid company that has a foundation rooted with over 60 year’s experience.