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Meridian Celebrates Chief Pilot’s 20th Anniversary

The Meridian team celebrates Bob’s 20 years with cake!

On Thursday, July 19, Meridian celebrated Chief Pilot, Bob Ferraro’s 20th year with Meridian.
Bob started in 1998 as a Flight Instructor for Million Air, which would eventually become Meridian. In 2000, he would begin observing and training pilots as a Check Airman and Training Captain until the year 2007, when he was promoted to Chief Pilot. Today, Bob ensures that Meridian’s crew performance meets our high standards and is compliant with FAA regulations by maintaining and carrying out our training regimen. He also assigns all crews to their flights and monitors their performance.
By his noteworthy accomplishments, perseverance, and commitment to excellence, Bob Ferraro has reflected upon Meridian and himself, the highest standards of the Aviation Industry.
Bob, congratulations and thank you for your twenty years with Meridian!
Bob Ferraro in the cockpit of a Citation during the earlier years of his impressive career (2001).