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Meridian Air Charter Adds Broadband to G-IV

Meridian Air Charter now has Wi-Fi aboard its largest capacity G-IV.

Meridian, the full-service private aviation company based at Teterboro Airport, is pleased to announce that its Charter group has deployed Aviator 200 aboard its 16-passenger Gulfstream IV, the largest-capacity business jet in the Meridian fleet. Aviator 200, manufactured by Thrane & Thrane, is an airborne broadband system that allows the user to stay connected and productive with voice and data services. The new system has been retro-fitted onto the aircraft and is currently available for charter.

Aviator 200 has a wide range of embedded features which allows passengers to access the Internet while in-flight and make calls using Voice over IP (VoIP) applications via Wi-Fi enabled devices, including Android phones and tablets, iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry®, and laptops. The system utilizes Inmarsat, a leading provider of global mobile satellite communication services. Because Inmarsat is a satellite-based system, it provides coverage over land and sea, unlike other broadband systems which can only be accessed over land.

Andrew Ladouceur, VP of Sales & Client Services at Meridian Air Charter, had this to say, “The addition of broadband aboard our largest aircraft is a valuable service that we can now offer our charter customers. Keeping our fleet current with the latest voice and data technology is critical in today’s competitive market.”

General Maintenance

Meridian Jet Center is now performing additional in-depth work on G IV aircraft.

Meridian Jet Center is now performing additional in-depth work on G IV aircraft.

We have now completed ASC469 Water Line Ribbon Heater Upgrade.

This service change replaces all existing water line ribbon heater installations

above and below the floor with Adel Wiggins heaters.  All ribbon heater

installations below the floor will have new insulation installed.  The new

insulation and improved ribbon heaters are more durable and provide improved

reliability and resistance to freezing during extended and high altitude flights.

In most cases the galley is removed to gain access to the ribbon heaters.


Meridian Jet Center is also performing G IV Lower Wing Trailing Edge-

Zonal Inspection. 


If your Gulfstream will be needing this maintenance or any other inspection

work please contact John Langschultz at 201-288-3880 for a price quote.



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Meridian Air Charter One-Way Transcontinental Pricing

Meridian Air Charter has several transcontinental flights that can be sold at one-way pricing.

We currently have a G-IV in Biggin Hill, England We offer very competitve one-way pricing