Executive Terminal (FBO) General Hayward

EMU Thanks Meridian Hayward with a Huey Helicopter Ride

Meridian Hayward employees about to enjoy a ride on a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter.
Meridian Hayward employees about to enjoy a ride on a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter. (l to r): Josh Moon, Jenny Deitschman, and Robert Lopez.

This past week, a few Meridian Hayward employees had the privilege of taking a ride in a Vietnam era assault helicopter known as the Huey. This was courtesy of EMU Inc., a non-profit organization that is located across from our facility in Hayward, CA. For the past year, we have been fueling their helicopter, and they took the time to thank our line service and customer service teams.
EMU derives its name from the radio call sign of the 135th Assault Helicopter Company, which was composed of both U.S. Army and Royal Australian Navy personnel. Because of this unique composition, the 135th was considered an Experimental Military Unit, hence its call sign EMU. Today, EMU Inc. is a non-profit organization that serves three important purposes:
1. To preserve the history of the Huey Helicopter and the memory of the men who served in the 135th Assault Helicopter Company and all AHCs in Vietnam.
2. To own and operate accurately recreated helicopters utilized by the 135th AHC during its service in Vietnam and to make these aircraft available to museums, air shows, public displays and for the support of Veterans affairs.
3. To recognize and offer emotional support to Combat Veterans with PTSD of all eras through comradery and contact with the Huey.
We at Meridian would first like to thank everyone who fought in the 135th Assault Helicopter Company for their service. We would also like to thank EMU for taking the time to recognize our employees and providing them with an experience they’ll never forget.