Meridian Completes First “No Excuses” Fitness Challenge

Team Meridian with New Fitness Challenge T-Shirts

Meridian, the full-service private aviation company based at Teterboro Airport, recently completed its first ever “No Excuses” Fitness Challenge. The Fitness Challenge was created to help motivate employees to get off their couches and to start exercising. Thirty-seven Meridian employees participated in the competition, which took place over three months, beginning on Monday, May 7, 2012 and ending on Sunday, July 29, 2012. Participants had a choice of three programs: Walk, Run, or Bike. Each program lasted the full duration of 3 months, requiring at least 3 workouts per week. The fitness goals varied for each program, with the goals increasing at the beginning of each new month.

Tracking the progress of each participant was done through a web-based program called Participants were required to log into and create a personal account. Once an account was created, participants would then join a group specific to his or her particular challenge. Workouts were logged in via the website or mobile app so that results could be monitored and tracked by the Wellness Team.

Many incentives were offered during and after the challenge, including monthly prizes, “Most Mile” prizes, a grand prize, and a consolation prize (a.k.a. “Few Excuses” prize). All participants received a Meridian Fitness Challenge t-shirt designed by our own Megan Wines. Prize winners are below:
  – $500 Most Miles Walking – Ines Venancio (374.99 miles)
  – $500 Most Miles Running – Eric Stephenson (226.21 miles)
  – $500 Most Miles Biking – Jeff Prescott (1,301.75 miles)
  – $500 No Excuses Grand Prize – Delia Roldan
  – $250 Few Excuses Consolation Prize – Tanecia Headley
Interesting Facts of the Challenge
  – Longest Single Walk – Ines Venancio (10 miles)
  – Longest Single Run – Eric Stephenson (8.3 miles)
  – Longest Single Ride – Delia Roldan (29.19 miles)
  – Coolest Ride – Aryae Brown biked around the island of St. Maarten
  – Aryae Brown and Jamie Labocki competed in two challenges simultaneously (Running & Biking)
  – The following participants never missed a week of workouts: Ines Venancio, Sarah Campbell, Betsy Wines, John Langschultz, Eric Stephenson, Chris Cerrone, Edvina Mulla, Aryae Brown, Jamie Labocki, and Delia Roldan