Status Verification , Wyvern Approved Customer = Meridian Air Charter

Wyvern approved

Meridian Air Charter

Teterboro, NJ, US
dba Meridian Air Charter
dba Million Air Charter Teterboro
Certificate: IMJA053F (US); held by General Aviation Flying Service, Inc.
Status verification date: 04-Nov-2010
Meridian Air Charter has a demonstrated commitment to aviation safety and maintains a strict safety program which Wyvern audits annually and monitors continuously throughout the year. Meridian Air Charter also undergoes biannual Wyvern on-site audits to ensure that its operations and maintenance practices continue to adhere to The Wyvern Standard—the safety standard that air charter buyers trust.
The Wyvern Standard is a safety standard whose requirements far exceed the regulatory requirements for commercial air charter operations and maintenance. The requirements of The Wyvern Standard were developed in conjunction with the most sophisticated and demanding flight departments in the world.