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Facility Maintenance Technician Petrika Robo Retires

Petrika Robo (center) is surrounded by colleagues at his retirement celebration.

Petrika Robo, Meridian’s longtime Facility Maintenance Technician, said his final goodbyes today to friends and colleagues before heading off to a well-deserved retirement after 11 fruitful years with the company.
Petrika has been an integral part of Meridian’s Building Maintenance team. He joined the company in 2007, moving east from Chicago. During his tenure, there were five members that worked in the department and, according to Petrika, their days and evenings were filled with a variety of big projects. The department is responsible for everything from the building exteriors to the hangar floors, which cover over 100,000 square feet!
Petrika is originally from Albania. He immigrated to the US in 1995 with his family, which includes his wife and two children. He said that he wanted his family to have more opportunities by coming here, and by all accounts he and his family have thrived. In fact, he recently celebrated the birth of his second grandchild. Petrika is very proud of his family, and was grateful that they had made the move with him to the US.
One of the things he liked most about working at Meridian was how well everyone gets along. “Meridian is also my family,” he says. “Working here was like being part of another family.”
The colorful retirement cake is looking quite delicious!

“Every day was different,” Petrika says, “with numerous projects and tasks in need of  completion. The winter was always the toughest time of year because we needed to make sure the ramp and other exterior areas were free of snow and kept as clear as possible, in addition to the department’s on-going responsibilities.”
Meridian works hard to ensure that the FBO and other parts of the Teterboro facility are always kept in excellent condition, and that employees and visitors alike feel comfortable here. The Building Maintenance team does an outstanding job in making sure that the facility operations at Teterboro run flawlessly each and every day. On his last day, Petrika expressed his gratitude for being part of this dedicated team and accomplishing everything they have done to make our facility shine.
We wish him all the best as he begins his well-earned retirement!
Colleagues from around the company gather together for some lunch while saying their goodbyes.

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Meridian Celebrates Retirement of Joe Corrado

On Wednesday, March 27, Meridian celebrated the storied and accomplished career of Joe Corrado, the Crew Chief and Base Manager of N601AD, a 1994 Bombardier Challenger 601.  This aircraft has the distinct honor of being Meridian Air Charter’s most frequently chartered aircraft.  Here are some of the record-breaking statistics:

  • Aircraft Type: Challenger 601 (S/N 5186)
  • Tenure with Meridian: March 2009 – March 2019
  • Hours Flown: 6,375
  • Flight Legs: 3,599
  • Passengers Carried: 12,762
  • Miles Flown: 2,950,975
Joe Corrado displays a framed photo of N601AD, the aircraft he managed during his tenure with Meridian.

Joe started his career with Meridian in March 2009 and has played a major role in the upkeep and maintenance of this aircraft.  His efforts and long hours allowed this Challenger 601 to fly for 6,375 hours, carrying 12,762 passengers for almost 3,000,000 miles!  Meridian celebrated at a local restaurant and had a few parting gifts for Joe, including a plaque with the milestones, and a framed picture of the aircraft.  We thank him for his many years of exceptional devotion and expertise and wish him well in his retirement.

Joe Corrado was presented with a plaque, highlighting the milestones he made possible.
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Meridian Celebrates the Retirement of Guillermo Escobar

Guillermo's Retirement Ceremony at Meridian
Meridian colleagues celebrate the 19-year career of Guillermo Escobar.

On Friday, June 29, Meridian celebrated the retirement of Guillermo Escobar, one of the company’s most tenured Ground Support Equipment (GSE) technicians. Guillermo started his career on June 30, 1999, and arrived before dawn – every day – to ensure that Meridian’s ground equipment was running in top condition. His career over the past 19 years has seen a lot of change, including the name of the company, which was known as Million Air Teterboro at the time.
Line Manager, Nehemias Camacho, commented on the technical expertise he demonstrated through his tenure with the company. “He is a breed of mechanic that is hard to come by nowadays”, said Camacho. “He could fix anything. Guillermo is a true MacGyver of his generation. While he will be missed, we wish him an enjoyable retirement and we sincerely thank him for his devotion and commitment to our company for the last 19 years.”
On behalf of everyone at Meridian, thank you and congratulations on your retirement, Guillermo!