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Meridian Sponsors Team in the 2018 Annual Teterboro 5K Race.

Meridian's team for the 2018 TEB 5K.
A team of 10 runners represented Meridian in the 2018 Teterboro 5K run.

On Saturday, July 14, Meridian sponsored a team of ten runners for the PSE&G Teterboro 5K, an annual race in its 21st year, organized by the United Way of Bergen County. This year, the race has attracted over 500 runners from around the Tri-State Area and over 1,000 spectators, vendors, and volunteers to the airport. Funds raised by the event this year will go to help build safe and affordable homes for homeless veterans in New Jersey.
The TEB 5K is a certified and sanctioned USA Track & Field Association race that features a flat, straight running surface along a segment of Teterboro’s 1-19 runway, giving runners the best chance to improve their fastest times on its foot-friendly tarmac. This, along with the opportunity to race while overlooking the New York City skyline, makes this one of New Jersey’s best 5K events.
Below are the results from Team Meridian:

Karl Granchalek 23:39.10 94th Overall
Arjol Duka 24:46.17 138th Overall
Pat Garzon 28:20.05 228th Overall
George Remache 31:00.05 323rd Overall
Rachel Pennington 31:53.42 338th Overall
Kanhai Nelson 32:42.92 350th Overall
Edvina Floed 35:34.25 396th Overall
Jorge Cornejo 38:38.51 436th Overall
Kvaughn Wedderburn 40:54.54 460th Overall

As a whole, the Meridian team finished fourth with a time of 1:16:45.2, just missing the podium by 90 seconds. We feel confident that Meridian will be a contender for the gold in 2019!

The official route for the TEB 5K.

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Meridian Sponsors Team for 20th Annual Teterboro 5K

The Meridian 5K Team poses for a shot before the big race.
The Meridian 5K Team poses for a shot before the big race.

Meridian, the award-winning private aviation company, proudly sent a team of 8 runners to the 20th Annual Teterboro 5K. This year, the “must-run” summer event attracted nearly 1,000 participants as well as hundreds of volunteers and spectators. The USTFA-sanctioned course offers athletes a unique experience of being able to run on one of the busiest general aviation runways in the country. With the New York Skyline and dozens of private aircraft in the background, runners we’re tasked with a flat course that consisted of 5 turns, 2 water breaks, and mile clocks. While the course itself may not seem challenging to a seasoned runner, the summer heat reflecting from the sun-drenched tarmac is often the biggest challenge.
Team Meridian had an impressive performance this year and ended up placing 3rd overall in the team results! These results are calculated by using the top 3 running times from each team. Our final team score was 1.21.26 and our average finish time was 27.08.94. Below are the full results of all of our team members:

Peter Tomaszewski 23:45.63* (96th Overall)
Justin Schiraldi 26:14.32* (168th Overall)
Rachel Pennington 31:26.87* (300th Overall)
Kanhai Nelson 32:20.35 (318th Overall)
George Remache 33:02.79 (327th Overall)
Samir Varela 33:04.42 (328th Overall)
Maggie O’Connell 36.43.53 (328th Overall)
Dennis O’Connell 43:59.73 (423rd Overall)

For more information on the race and its results visit:
The event itself is organized by and for Bergen County’s United Way and all proceeds benefit their “Compassion Fund”. The fund provides emergency financial assistance to families struggling to meet basic needs, including rent, utilities, medical, child care, and other foreseen emergencies that threaten the family’s stability and well-being. Since the dawn of this 20-year tradition, the Teterboro 5K has raised an astounding $750K for families in need. A special thanks to all who sponsored, supported, and participated in this important and timely philanthropic mission.
To learn more about Bergen County United Way, please go to:

Meridian proudly displays its award for winning 3rd place in the 20th Annual Teterboro Airport 5K.
Meridian proudly displays its award for winning 3rd place in the 20th Annual Teterboro Airport 5K.


Meridian Awards Winners of Fitness Challenge

The second Meridian ‘NO EXCUSES’ Fitness Challenge, which ran from May 20 through August 11, 2013, was recently completed with many prizes awarded to winners in different categories. Meridian employees were challenged to get off their couches and start exercising. Participants were able to choose among the walking, running, or biking challenges. For those who wanted a greater challenge, participants were able to do two (or even all three) programs at the same time. Progress was tracked using

Congratulations to the following employees for their performance in the 2013 Fitness Challenge:

In the Most Miles Category: Prize $500

Walking – Ines Venancio
Running – Cristian Valencia
Biking – Ron Roldan

2nd Place Finishers: Prize $200

Walking – Phil Boyer
Running – Bryan Brecher
Biking – Bryan Brecher

“No Excuses” Grand Prize $500 – This prize is awarded to one participant, drawn at random, who completed all 3 months of the challenge but did not place in the “Most Miles” category.

Winner – Jamie Labocki

“Some Excuses” Prize $250 – This prize is awarded to one participant, drawn at random, who completed at least 2 months of the challenge or more.

Winner – Delia Roldan

Month 3 Prize $100 – Random Drawing

Winner – Phil Boyer

Nice job and thank you to all who participated. We hope that you continue to Walk/Bike/and Ride.