Meridian Offers Smoking Cessation Program

As part of its wellness intiative, Meridian will start a smoking cessation program that will offer smokers $100 in incentives to help kick the habit. The so-called “Smoking Challenge” will begin on March 18 and continue through June 7. The company will reimburse participants up to $50.00 for the purchase of smoking aids. Then, upon completion of the 3-month program, participants will receive another $50.00, provided they meet the following requirements:

1. Attend at least three meetings (Two meetings will be held each month.)
2. Join either NJ Quitnet or NY Quits (Both sites offer excellent support and information on smoking cessation.)
3. Submit a monthly certificate to the program organizer after joining one of the above sites
4. Complete a brief smoking quiz

The program is being organized by John Langschultz, VP Meridian Jet Center. John had this to say about the program, “Quitting smoking is a hard thing to do, but if you are committed to breaking old habits, and can marshall the support you need to get through the rough patches, you can do it. I know because I am an ex-smoker. This program is a great way to get started, and I would encourage any smoker (who works for Meridian) to join the challenge. After all, there’s no time like the present to quit smoking.”
NJ Quitnet
NY Quits