Meridian TEB customers: feeling welcomed, well cared for and confindent that they made a smart choice! Comments form clients on Airnav. com

From James Hopkinson on 21-Aug-2009
Flew my T210 into TEB Meridian for a long weekend with my family in NYC. Service was very prompt and professional. Without prior notice they had arranged for a car to our hotel in Midtown and we were very quickly enjoying our trip. On our return, we found our aircraft serviced as requested and brought up front for easy loading of luggage and our departure. The new facility is quite an improvement and my family was quite comfortable while they waited for me to make final checks of weather and to complete my preflight. If you are heading to NYC, this is the place to stop.
From Reid Ashe on 24-Jul-2009
First rate service by any standard at reasonable prices by local standards. This is the FBO to use. There’s no ramp fee if you buy minimal fuel. They came quickly to fetch us at the Teterboro train station, handled a catering order flawlessly and handled the fueling and parking very professionally. The facility is first-rate.
From Scott Dyer on 08-Jul-2009
Was into Meridian at TEB last month 2x on one day in a 210, excellent and fast handling both times. The desk folks were quite pleasant. Note that the minimum fuel purchase is good for the whole day…No need to buy each time you hit their ramp on a given day. I seldom gush about FBO service, but left TEB smiling and quite happy with Meridian’s service.
From Kevin Brady on 06-Jul-2009
Don’t go to New York to save money. That being said the folks at Meridian made us feel quite welcome. I contacted Victor a few days before our arrival and asked if he could have car ready to take us to the Time Square area Renaissance Hotel. Victor was most helpful and the car was nice and on time. We were greeted promptly by three line guys one of which had a luggage cart in tow and promptly unloaded our bags and took them to the waiting car. The $50 per night ramp fee is waived for each 15 gallons of fuel you purchase. Our Cirrus SR22 needed 51 gallons so three of our four nights were free. If you need to go to Manhattan TEB is the airport to use. If you land at TEB the folks at Meridian will take great care of you and make even folks from the south feel right at home. Be aware ATC will throw you a 7 point departure clearance and you will most likely get to fly the entire clearance. Thanks to Victor and the gang at Meridian for making our stay a good one.
From Kelvin Draughon on 19-Jun-2009
I have been into Meridian TEB twice (in a C182) in the past 6 months. Superb service both times. The staff is very personable and professional.
From Daniel Wiley on 30-Apr-2009
Had a great experience with Meridian. I called ahead and alerted them to my arrival (which is a big plus), and they were ready for us. We disembarked our piston single right in front of the main FBO door, they handled the fuel request quickly and provided a complimentary shuttle to our hotel. Top-notch service – we felt like we had landed a Gulfstream for the quality of service. $50 parking fee was waived with fuel purchase of 15 gallons, and prices were very reasonable compared with other FBOs at Teterboro – we’ll be back!