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Meridian Sends Off US Wrestling Team to Olympic Games

Teterboro, NJ – On Wednesday, July 25, 2012, Meridian, the award-winning private aviation company based at Teterboro Airport, hosted 10 Olympic wrestlers from the US Olympic Team, as they were getting ready to depart for the London games. Amidst an elevated level of security, the athletes and coaches were able to leave discreetly from a secure location.

Meridian was proud to host the wrestlers while they waited for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to screen the aircraft. The athletes waited comfortably in a conference room, watched movies, and ordered pizza. With everything checked out securely, the team went on its way, and made it in plenty of time for the Opening Ceremonies.

The wrestling competition begins on Sunday, August 5th with the Greco-Roman events. The women’s freestyle events begin on Wednesday, August 8th, and the men’s freestyle events begin on Friday, August 10th.

Meridian Teterboro is an approved facility for TSA screening, including pre-screening for Washington National Airport (DCA) arrivals.

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Meridian Teterboro is your gateway to the 2009 US Open

The most exciting tennis tournament in the world returns to New York City when the 2009 US Open begins on August 31, 2009. With only a 35 minute drive to the USTA National Tennis Center, Meridian Teterboro is the FBO to use to get to the action.

Our award-winning staff is ready to make your visit to New York a memorable one. Customer Service Representatives can arrange for your ground transportation to and from the tournament. The line service team will care for your aircraft while you enjoy every shot. Call Meridian Teterboro today so we can help you plan your trip.