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New Departure TEB

Teterboro Airport RUUDY SIX RNAV SID Effective Aug. 17

Aug. 8, 2017

The new RUUDY SIX RNAV departure for Teterboro Airport (TEB) will be implemented on Thursday, Aug. 17, and will replace the RUUDY FIVE RNAV departure. The RUUDY RNAV departure was revised to enhance navigational guidance, accuracy and clarity. This departure procedure primarily departure used when Teterboro is on a south flow departing Runway 24.

The changes to the RUUDY SIX RNAV DP are noted as follows:

NavCanada Suspends ‘Climb/Descend Via’ Clearances

NavCanada has temporarily suspended use of new International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) “climb via SID” and “descend via Star” phraseology it had adopted on April 27. The agency said the move was made “out of concern over altitude deviations we were seeing in the system and the unforeseen large increase in workload as a result. We are continuing to communicate with airlines, aircraft operators and our employees as we revert to the phraseology rules that were in place prior to this change.” That clearance phraseology includes both lateral path as well as vertical constraints.

FAA To Transition To ICAO IFR Flight Plan Form

On Oct. 1, FAA will make the transition from its traditional domestic IFR flight plan (Form 7233-1) to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) IFR flight plan (Form 7233-4) for domestic flight plan filing. The agency says the change is intended to "simplify the flight planning process and align U.S. flight plans within ICAO standards." The switchover will provide for inclusion of a wake turbulence category, equipment suffix to account for RVSM, navigation capabilities such as RNP level, and ADS-B status, survival gear on board and emergency radios.

Thoughts about Brexit Affects aviation in Europe

Some thoughts if Brexit will affect aviation in Europe

If the media were to be believed, the impending doom of Brexit – Britain’s Exit from the European Union – will change the aviation landscape in the EU for ever. So, today you’ll be busy trying to figure you how this affects your operation. But what if it won’t?

Well, it won’t. Not even a little bit.